Grizzly Brown Bikestache

A beast among beasts, the Grizzly Brown Bikestache transforms your ride into a fur-ocious predator, roaming the streets stealing honey from innocent pedestrians and mustache-less cyclists alike.


  • Length: 10" | Width: 3" | Depth: 1/2"
    Weight: 4 oz
  • Made from synthetic materials
    Weather Resistant | Street Tested | Mother Approved

Includes: One (1) Bikestache® bike mustache, Two (2) Velcro Handlebar Straps (1) optional securing wire for stem.


Bikestache® bike moustaches attach quickly and easily to the handlebars of almost any bicycle. Simply attach the Bikestache to your bicyeles handlebars using both velcro straps. To further secure the Bikestache you can use the optional rubber coated attaching-wire to anchor the Bikestache to the bicycle stem  (It’s really easy).

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