Top Carstache FAQ

Will getting a Carstache® really change my life?

Yes, it will make your life better.

What is the Carstache® made out of?

The short answer is that Carstaches are made from acrylic faux fur, polyester stuffing, and polyester fabric on the back. It's all synthetic materials.

How big is the Carstache®?

Big enough! Here are some approximate Carstache™ sizes:
Length: 34" | Width: 12" | Depth: 3" Weight: 16 oz

Why aren't there more Carstache® colors and styles of mustache?

Patience please... we're working on making more styles and colors. If you have any special requests please send an email to info@carstache.com. The more you request a specific color or style, the quicker we'll get on it.

What happens if the Carstache® gets wet?

Carstaches are weather resistant. They're made from synthetic materials that resist mold and mildew so it's ok if it gets wet, just let it dry out. Don't let it sit wet for days and days, but a little rain won't hurt it. Wind from driving actually acts as a natural blow dryer, so just drive around for a bit once it stops raining and it should fluff right back up to it's full glory. DO NOT MACHINE DRY. Just let it air dry. See the Care Instructions Guide

What happens if the Carstache® gets dirty?

If your Carstache™ gets dirty, remove it from your car and wash it with soap and water. DO NOT MACHINE WASH. Give it a nice combing, a massage, whisper a few kinds words, and then strap it back on and hit the road. Also, see the Care Instructions section for more details.

How do I attach the Carstache™ to my car?

It's really easy. The Carstache comes with three rubber coated Attaching Wires and you just strap it onto your car grille. Check out the Carstache™ Installation Guide

Is the Carstache® compatible with my car model?

Carstaches fit on MOST cars, but not every car model. If your car has a front grille then it should work fine. If your car does not have a front grille, then it probably won't work. For example, Porches and Beetles don't have front grilles, so a Carstache™ most likely won't fit. (Sorry Porsche and Beetle owners, we'll try to figure something out since it would look amazing).

Will the Carstache® cover my front license plate? Is this legal?

On most car models your Carstache™ will not cover your license plate, but on some car models it will. The laws about covering or removing your front license plate vary by country and state. You should consult local laws before installing your Carstache®.

Are Carstaches really woven from Unicorn hair?

Yes the 'stache fur is made from 100% genuine wild Unicorn hair*
*That was a lie, it's made from synthetic faux fur. No unicorns were harmed or murdered making your Carstache®