September 29, 2010


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DESIGN COMPETITION: Carstache vs The Unicorn

CARSTACHE vs. THE UNICORN Design Competition!

We're holding a ridiculously awesome design competition to make a graphic for the homepage.


    The graphic MUST include the following elements: Carstache + Ice Cream Truck + Unicorn + Full Double Rainbow

    The graphic should be scaleable to 600x305

BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN? You decide. We know, and it's DEEP, very deep...

PRIZE: A FREE Carstache + Fame + Fortune + Street Cred

DURATION:  From yesterday until Monday, October 25th


WE'LL KEEP ADDING YOUR SUBMISSIONS HERE AND YOU CAN VOTE IN THE COMMENTS. Ultimately, we will decide the winner, but popular opinion is very important since our self esteem is low and we want you to like us.

#1 by Wade Osmon

#2 by Eric Karbeling

#3 by Joe W. "The Staredown"

#4 by Joe W.

(This one doesn't really qualify since it's missing some elements, but it's HILARIOUS so we posted it)

#5 by JD Beebe

#6 by Craig Clark

#7 by Tiffany

#8 by JD

#10 by

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