April 25, 2010


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Dear Conan

Dearest Conando,

We would like to donate some Carstaches to your cause. We are not sure how to reach you. E.T. Phone home.

We have lots and lots of mustaches. Plenty for whatever you could possibly want to do with them.

Right now the orange model is called "Firestache Orange" but we would gladly permanently rename it as "COCO" 

Imagine all of the chicks you could score with a Coco Carstache on your 1995 Taurus SHO.

We came by on your Friday night show in San Francisco and tried to Carstache the tour bus. We had it on there for a few minutes and got this photo. Your people are very professional so we had to take it down. I gave your driver a ’stache so hopefully he has it.

~ Awesome is as awesome does


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