April 21, 2010


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Carstache™ Inducted to Huffington Post "Ridiculous Car Accessory" Hall of Fame

Given how new Carstache™ is on the absurdity scene, we were stoked to find ourselves included in the elite Huffington Post list of “Most Ridiculous Car Accessories of All Time.”

We grew up idolizing these other sweet accessories, so to finally share the same stage is a dream come true. To be revered alongside fake bullet holes, whistle tips, and spinner rims brings a tear to my eye.

Note that our “LAME” score for Carstache™ is off the charts at an 11 compared to the average 5.8! We rule. We win.

Thanks for the nod Katla McGlynn at the Huffington Post


Peter Caspar
Peter Caspar

June 17, 2010

Love the stache, but you aren’t off the charts, you ranked 11th out of however many accessories were in the survey. The average response was a 5.8. Then again, you sell a car mustache, you can say whatever you want.


April 22, 2010

So, this is like f’real for real?

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