October 28, 2012


Lyft Ride Share in San Francisco Using Pink Carstaches

Carstache is thrilled to supply Lyft with all of the pink mustaches - Pink CARSTACHES - that are seeing powering their ride share cars throughout San Francisco. 

Carstache, "The Global Leader in Automotive Facial Hair," uniting with Lyft, the Premier On-Demand Ride Share Service, is sure to disrupt the automotive industry with mustache rides galore!


Here are links to just a few of the articles with great press about Pink Mustache powered Lyft Rides:

August 05, 2011


Custom Carstaches for IFC's new show "Whisker Wars"

 IFC contacted Carstache about a month ago to help promote their new show, Whisker Wars, and we made up a batch of custom Carstaches for them.

The show follows Americas TOP BEARDED PROFESSIONALS along the road to glory at the World Beard and Mustache Olympics in Norway. 

Whisker Wars premeirs tonight and airs Fridays on IFC at 11/10c

The dude in the center in this pic is named "Jack Passion" and his beard is about 2 feet long. We've met him. 

Check out the Custom Carstache

We're ALSO going to provide the Dream Team from the show with free GLORYSTACHES to represent at their next international event.

June 08, 2011


Carstache Presents: GLORYSTACHE!

Official Glorystache Press Release below:

Carstache Presents: The Glorystache

A star-spangled matrimony of cars, mustaches, and American Freedom for your summertime celebrations!

SAN FRANCISCO (June 8, 2011) — Automotive facial hair pioneer Carstache® has just announced the release of the Glorystache, and America-themed specialty Carstache for the inspired automotive American patriot.

As Americans gear up for 4th of July festivities, ironing their American flag bandanas, polishing their U.S.A belt buckles, and stocking up on Budweiser, Glorystache hopes to cement it's place as an must-have Independence Day automotive accessory.

"It's become clear that Carstaches are a game-changer for motor rallys, road-trips and tailgates," say Carstache founder Ethan Eyler, "and 4th of July weekend is essentially the world-series of patriotic celebrations." 

Eyler further explains that after launching Carstache in 2010 they were immediately and graciously inducted into the "Absurd Automotive Accessory Hall of Fame" alongside Fake Bullet Hole Stickers and Spinner Rims, and are now gunning for a spot in the "American Patriot Paraphernalia" record books amongst the greats like Uncle Sam Top-hats, and U.S.A Pants

Glorystaches are weather resistant, road tested, Uncle-Sam-Approved, and attach quickly and easily to the front grille of cars and trucks.  Each Glorystache is hand-made in the U.S.A. and available for purchase at


About Carstache 

San Francisco-based Carstache LLC is the global leader in automotive facial hair, providing the industries most luxurious car mustaches. Since launching in April of 2010, thousands of Carstaches have been sold worldwide, with features in TruTV's Worlds Smartest InventionsTIMECNBC andAUTOWEEK.

For more information about GlorystacheCarstache, or Bikestache, please contact Ethan Eyler at

Carstache LLC / 2128 Pine Street #1 / San Francisco, CA 94115 / 415.658.5155

June 07, 2011


Carstache Featured in AUTOWEEK

We were happy to see a feature in Autoweek a few months back. 

Carstaches ARE absurd and this is why they are awesome.

March 06, 2011


Carstache Featured on TrueTV "Smoking Gun Presents Worlds Smartest Inventions" WE WIN

Carstache was recently featured on TruTV's "Smoking Gun Presents Worlds Smartest (dumbest) Inventions!" 

Our dreams have come true!

October 05, 2010

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Carstache® In the Press! TIME, CNBC, TELEGRAPH UK

Last week was a crazy one in the press for Carstache! We received much love from press all over the world, and as a result there will be many many more happy Carstache owners all over the place!

Here are a links to a few articles that are helping spread the Carstache love include TIME, TELEGRAPH UK, and CNBC




September 29, 2010


DESIGN COMPETITION: Carstache vs The Unicorn

CARSTACHE vs. THE UNICORN Design Competition!

We're holding a ridiculously awesome design competition to make a graphic for the homepage.


    The graphic MUST include the following elements: Carstache + Ice Cream Truck + Unicorn + Full Double Rainbow

    The graphic should be scaleable to 600x305

BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN? You decide. We know, and it's DEEP, very deep...

PRIZE: A FREE Carstache + Fame + Fortune + Street Cred

DURATION:  From yesterday until Monday, October 25th


WE'LL KEEP ADDING YOUR SUBMISSIONS HERE AND YOU CAN VOTE IN THE COMMENTS. Ultimately, we will decide the winner, but popular opinion is very important since our self esteem is low and we want you to like us.

#1 by Wade Osmon

#2 by Eric Karbeling

#3 by Joe W. "The Staredown"

#4 by Joe W.

(This one doesn't really qualify since it's missing some elements, but it's HILARIOUS so we posted it)

#5 by JD Beebe

#6 by Craig Clark

#7 by Tiffany

#8 by JD

#10 by
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